Monday, October 19, 2009

Here I go!

YaY! One more blog, but that’s special, ‘cuz is my first blog completely in English. How this idea coming up? It’s simple… I was talking with Fê on MSN, and she told to me “I want to do other blog and in English” so I asked: “Why you don’t do it?” She told: “I don’t know” and I asked again: “Do you wanna a partner?” she told: “Yeah =D” and here we go!

It’s a good idea cause she’s Language student and I’ll be a Language student so we need improve our English. But we want more, and we invite our lovely friend Sue. We always write poems and crazy stories all time, it’s funny. I really love them. I don’t remember when this friendship begun, but I know that day after day this friendship is stronger and this is good (this is love, this is us haha).

Ok, let’s go talking about the name… Why If we knew then? Just because we love this music, I spoke for me and Fê, I don’t know about Sue xD This song is in new album from The Backstreet Boys (our fav band) and looks like hip hop song, was produced by Claude Kelly. You need to listen this song.

It is, I’m tired written in English and my brain doesn’t work with perfection, whatever… Who cares? I hope that you enjoy. Take care.

See ya guys.

This Is Love, This Is Us.

By Cah

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