Sunday, October 18, 2009

Here we go...

♫ I wanna have it all
Happiness and love all around... ♪
(AJ McLean)

Well, well, alright!
I really don’t know exactly what I’ll write here… but, let’s go!

Today, I was talking to Cah and I said: I wanna write a blog, but in English!
And now, I’m here! Buy the way, WE are here!
One thing that you should know about me is that I really can’t live without my friends, so I can’t live this experience alone.

Idea ok… but and a name for this blog?!
There is a song, a new song, called “If I knew then” that makes sense in our lives (different reasons, but it makes sense)… so, we didn’t think twice: If we knew then, what we know now?!
I don’t now, but we want to discover!

"So in closing, goodbye, goodnight os good morning to all, to all remember life is just!"


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