Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yes, I teach!

Since I was a child, I want to be a teacher... not only a teacher, but a Professor (with Capital Letter! LOL). I grow up thinking about it, desiring it and, nowadays I’m studying hard: in the end of this year, I’ll be a Professor.

As long as this doesn’t happen, I’m a teacher. I teach Portuguese at work and English in a course at university. It’s a big responsibility! But it’s a funny thing! I really love my students! And although I’m the teacher, I learn a lot with then (they have no idea how they teach me!).

Be a teacher – or Professor, if you prefer – means always learn. Learn to be prepared to teach. Learn with others teachers. Learn with your students. I believe it!!!! Why?! Because teachers are not that person who knows everything… And I have to say more, a good teacher is that one who believes in his/her students! If you are a teacher and you don’t believe, sorry, you aren’t a good teacher!
But, why am I saying all this things?!

I don’t know… Perhaps, because I want to share my feelings with you...

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