Thursday, October 22, 2009

About friendships...

What do you know about friendship? What this means for you?
For some people is just a thing without importance, a friend is someone that you have to do somethings for you and listen all your problems. For others friendship is like a change of favors, well, if you are a good friend for me, I'll be a good friend for you and just enough. But isn't the point...

Sometimes we are capable to leave our dreams, our lives, our lovers for a friend and and we don't think if this friend deserve it, doesn't matter if is the best friend or the childhood friend, the question is : Do they deserve all this sacrifice? this time? this faith? this proud?

I know this post will look like I have any friends or the only friends that I have, had been fakes, but isn't this. The best friends of this world are mine...Only mine, just mine and I'm selfish when is to talk about them, but some people doesn't have the same luck.

This week something happened with a friend that made her a bit angry, and this post is dedicated to her, 'cuz she knows what I'm talking about'. And don't leave your dreams or other things just because someone told you : "Hey I want it too". Remember this: Is not always that you need to care about others, sometimes we need to care about us. It's enough.

You know that I'm here for you... always.

PS: Happy B-Day to Teca! My best serial killer <3
PS1: Fê and Sue, Love u so


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  1. Lindo texto Cah!!!! Adorei!!! E obrigadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pelo parabéns!!!! @@ <3 too!!!